Automotive Merchandise

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems require excessive performance transceiversto enable protection essential packages. Our radar and DSRC solutionshelp you broaden complicated ADAS structures for car packages.Radar Transceivers

A key aspect of ADAS is radar structures that continuously sense thedistance between vehicles in actual-time, enhancing riding efficiencyand safety. NXP gives quite included automobile radartransceivers based totally on each BiCMOS and superior RFCMOS processtechnologies, which enables systems ranging from small, compactradar sensors via high-resolution imaging radar sensingapplications.DSRC Safety Modem

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) generation allows motors to communicatewith their surroundings and makes driving safer and extra efficientfor all and sundry. Compatible with worldwide software protocols from allleading companies, NXP provides a complete answer for V2Xcommunications for active protection systems and wise transportsystem (ITS) control.4D Imaging Radar: Sensor Supremacy For Sustained L2+ Vehicle Enablement

Discover why fantastic-quality decision Radar sensors particularly arepoised to grow to be the most essential sensor for L2+ applicationsand proves a compelling, cost-effective alternative to Lidar.Learn moreThe Importance of Imaging Radar

Why can we talk approximately tabout radar systems at all? Discover whyADAS with radar era are vital to safer driving, avoidingaccidents and saving lives.In-Vehicle Network

Our growingIn-Vehicle Network portfoliohelps allow innovative, rapid steady networking for hyperconnecteddriving.CAN Transceivers

Our large CAN and CAN FD portfolios cowl all CAN features andpower modes with awesome EMC overall performance.Ethernet

Our Automotive Ethernet portfolio gives to our customershigh-best and especially reliable solutions, consisting of PHY and switchproducts.Automotive LIN Solutions

NXP’s LIN portfolio gives compact, scalable and strong LINsolutions with main nice and a multi-sourced business base.FlexRay Transceivers

FlexRay era affords higher bandwidth and deterministiclatency that useful resource the car industry’s development towardzero-emissions.PMICs and System Basis Chips

Our PMICs and SBCs portfolio offers scalable, safe and flexiblesolutions for automobile and industrial electricity supply programs.Automotive 4D Imaging Radar Demo

Learn how NXP’s S32R45 radar processor with 4 RFCMOS TEF82xxtransceivers delivers excessive-decision 4D imaging radar sensing, withhigh-performance processing and power performance.Embedded Processing

We offer the processing power to help boost up your nextbreakthrough automotive layout for advanced motive force assistance structures,automobile networking, wireless connectivity, body and chassis, powertrainand protection applications.Arm®-Based Processors

Featuring our S32 Automotive Processing Platform with ArmCortex®-M, -R, -A based totally cores supporting to deliver futurevehicles to marketplace faster and S32V Vision Processors with quadCortex-A53 based totally cores.Arm-Based Microcontrollers

Featuring our S32 Automotive Processing Platform with Arm Cortex-M,-R, -A based totally cores supporting to carry destiny automobiles to marketplace fasterand S32K trendy purpose MCUs with Cortex-M0+/M4 and Cortex-M7-basedcores, plus EA and MAC57Dxxx MCUs.Power Architecture® Processors

Featuring MPC-LC Vehicle Processing Chipset with e200 and e300 coresand S32R Radar MCUs with e200z4 and e200z7 cores, plus MPC5xxhighly-included MCUs with e200z4 and e200z1 cores.Additional Architectures

Featuring our 16-bit S12 MagniV® combined-signal integratedMCUs and sixteen-bit S12 and S12X function-rich entry-stage MCUs.Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

Arm Cortex-M-based totally Bluetooth Smart answers, including highlyintegrated SoCs with ample Flash and SRAM.NXP Automotive Processors – Product Map

Get to recognise our car microcontrollers and processors, listedby technical specifications and key features.Explore themMedia and Audio Processing

Our in-automobile amusement media processors provide effective answers forin-vehicle multimedia processing programs.Analog/Digital Radio and Audio

Our Analog/Digital radio and audio portfolio includes receivers andaudio processing gadgets for custom designed automobile leisure systemdesigns.Audio Amplifiers

Our audio amplifiers supply optimized overall performance for sound,robustness and EMC overall performance for high-electricity automobile audio systems.Safety and Power Management

Our portfolio for protection and power control way that we’re in a position tooptimize strength manage to provide efficient power control forvehicles nowadays and in the destiny.Battery Management

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead-acid batteries require extremelyaccurate charging modern and output voltages to meet automobile andindustrial standards. The completely automobile certified battery cellcontrollers are optimized for car battery management.Automotive Lighting – LED Driver ICs

Our ASLx collection of LED drivers are designed to provide a new levelof flexibility and scalability. With Boost converters and buckdrivers for multichannel LED driver modules, they combine our deepunderstanding of LED overall performance with superior automotive A-BCDmixed-sign HV generation.PMICs and System Basis Chips

Our PMIC and SBCs portfolio gives scalable, secure and flexiblesolutions for automobile and industrial electricity supply packages.Sensors

Automotive systems require correct and dependable statistics. Our sensorportfolio consists of strain, movement and magnetic sensors optimized forthe stringent necessities of car applications.Magnetic Angular Position Sensors

Our angular sensors include magnetic subject sensors, integratedamplifiers and programmable sensors for applications such asElectric Throttle Control or Steering Angle Sensing.Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Our MEMS-primarily based strain portfolio includes Tire Pressure MonitoringSensors for small module design, lightweight and area constrainedapplications.Smart Power Drivers

We offer a complete portfolio of advanced motor and solenoid drivers forautomotive and business applications.Motor Control

Our H-bridge, brushed and brushless DC motor drivers provide efficientmotor operation with variable pace and sensorless manage forautomotive packages.Smart Switches and Drivers

Our automobile switches offer low on-resistance, SPI, manipulate anddiagnostics for a number applications.Braking Systems

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) lessen injuries and store lives withadvanced car safety answers.Automotive Applications

NXP’s domain-primarily based structure intelligently groups collectively thefunctions that let motors sense, assume and act—to manage complexity andseparate issues associated with protection, upgradability and functionalsafety.Learn greater