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Here are three ideas for educational tourism in Bali.

Who thinks Bali vacations are only for fun and have no educational value? Indeed, educational tourism in Bali is not as well-known as its natural charms, but it is worth exploring.

The island of the gods boasts dozens of informative tours suited for school vacations, not just one or two. There are three destinations that you must visit out of the countless options. Anything? Here’s the rundown! or visit website BaliVentur
3 Bali Educational Tours

  1. The Bali Zoo
    The Bali Zoo is the #1 recommendation for educational tourism in Bali. Jl. Singapore, Kec. Sukawati, Kab. Gianyar Bali is where you’ll

What Types of Vehicles Around Bali?

Which Vehicles Should I Travel Around Bali With? – Bali vehicle rental is one of the tourism services that visitors to Bali can employ. Typically, tourists order a rental automobile that meets their requirements. Making a specific rental car selection can improve the effectiveness of your trip.

In fact, a lot of people have been enticed to rent a car by the numerous tourist attractions that extend from Bali to the border of Bali. When visiting in Bali, renting a car is not only more practical but also more affordable. More explanation

Many of Bali’s tourist attractions are close …

Trekking on Mount Batur with Affordable Packages

The most remarkable experience right now is watching the sunrise atop Mount Batur. Of course, when on the island of Bali, you shouldn’t pass up the chances that are there. It would be enjoyable to check out

Not just the crimson light is ready to torture the eyes as dawn breaks. But you can also take in the stunning view of Lake Batur and Mount Agung from a height of 1717 meters above sea level.
In addition, you may still detect the thrill of cooking eggs in the ground where geothermal sources are producing smoke. You have undoubtedly never …

Three Things to Consider Before Water Rafting in Bali

3 Things to Consider Before Water Rafting in Bali – Are you fond of rafting? If so, are you aware of what needs to be done before trying Bali’s best rafting? OK, let’s go on to the explanation. In this article, we also provide services to enable you to experience Bali’s thrilling water rafting firsthand.

On our website,, you can get a whole package as well as Bali Rafting Prices that are comparatively extremely affordable. It is the ideal opportunity for you to explore new activities in Bali, such as rafting on the Best River Bali, with loved …

The Excitement of Riding ATV Bali And Get Interesting Promos

You can feel the experience of riding ATV Bali / Quad Bike Bali now. There’s nothing wrong with trying a challenging holiday excitement while in Bali. Because ATV tourism in Bali is now the choice of many people. Now you can feel the excitement of playing an ATV that passes through various fields.

Usually the available tracks take about 2 hours to complete the trip. You will pass through the rural nature of Ubud Bali and overcome all the challenges that exist. For example, down the valley or up the hills. I think this is able to eliminate the feeling …

Tourists need to know some tips for hiring a driver in Bali. In a safe and comfortable

In addition to flights and hotels, a rental car is very important for a holiday in Bali. The way to visit the sights of Bali if you don’t have your own transport, whether you rent a car with a chauffeur or drive yourself, is by car. But before you rent a car, keep a few tips in mind. Traveling in Bali requires a comfortable and safe car. Because there are many tourist spots that are difficult to reach by public transportation.

Tips for Safe and Comfortable Hiring a driver in Bali
There are many things to do in Bali. …

Guide TO MOUNT BATUR sunrise trekking IN BALI

Bali is an island packed with first rate nature that has hundreds of adventurous souls flocking to its seashores. One of those adventures begins offevolved vivid and early and includes trekking up an energetic volcano, Mount Batur.

The Mt Batur sunrise trekking excursion is on many tourists bucket lists, and after analyzing this positioned up, with a piece of good fortune it will in all likelihood be on yours as nicely!

Approximately MOUNT BATUR
Mount Batur is placed in the Kintamani District at the island of Bali in Indonesia. It’s an active volcano which very last erupted inside the year …