Top 10 Famous Cartoon Characters We All Love

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Characters We All Love

Who doesn’t love cartoons? They offer an an easy and unwinding perspective on the world. Do not expect the logic of cartoons. There is nothing to be found in cartoons. Yes, you are able to walk on the air until you turn around, and then, you’ll fall. Logic is a constant comedy in the world of cartoons. What are your famous cartoon characters?

Over the past few years, cartoon characters have achieved gained immense fame and popularity. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the most famous characters from cartoons that could be compared to actors from the A-list. Let’s have a look.

Bugs Bunny

If there’s a persona that could rival the fame of the big name actors, it’s Bugs Bunny. After all the actor was in Space Jam and stole the show in spite of Michael Jordan.

Bugs Bunny is an animated character who is famous for his appearance in the Looney Tunes as well as the Merrie Melodies series of short films. Leon Schlesinger Productions created Bugs Bunny in the mid 1930s.

Bugs can be described as an human-like gray and white rabbit , or Hare. Famous for his charming and playful behavior, he is known for his famous catchy catchy line, “Eh… What’s up, doc”.

He’s the official character that is used by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Due to his popularity he has become an American iconic cultural figure.

In the past, he’s been on over 160 animated films created between 1940 between 1940 and 1964. Since then, the actor has appeared in films as well as compilation films as well as music recordings and comics and video games and more.

Mickey Mouse

Warner Bros. Entertainment has Bugs Bunny, and Walt Disney Studios has Mickey Mouse. These two are the most famous cartoon characters around the globe.

Mickey is an humanoid mouse dressed in the red color of his shorts and big yellow shoes with white gloves. Walt Disney created Mickey as an alternative to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey was introduced on the screen in Plane Crazy, and then in the film Steamboat Willi in 1928. It was one of the first animated sound animated films.

Mickey has appeared in over 130 films, primarily in short films. But, he’s also been in feature-length films too. The cartoons he has created have earned him an Academy Award nomination as well. Lend Paw Paw received the award in 1942.

It was in 1978 that Mickey received a place at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first cartoon character to be awarded it. He is often seen with his love interest Minnie Mouse and his dog Pluto as well as his two friends Goofy as well as Donald Duck.

Jerry Mouse

Jerry is an imaginary character, one of the two main characters in Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry series. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera developed the series. Jerry is an brown mute house mouse was first seen as a mouse with the name of Jinx during the 1940 MGM film Puss Gets the Boot.

Geraint Rowlandschose the name Jerry for the mouse after the studio requested additional information to The Puss Gets the Boot.

Hanna and Barbera expanded the normal cat and mouse bond. They saw Jerry beating Tom and sometimes beat him up. Some fans think that Tom as the victim of the show.

In the version from 1990 in the 1990 version of Jerry, the mouse wears the tie in red and wears hair that is a hair tuft around his neck.

Tom Cat

It is true that you can’t be Jerry and Tom without Tom. As we mentioned before, a lot of fans think that Tom as the villain in the series. They love him more than Jerry. Poor old Tom. Tom is an emaciated grey and white humanoid domestic short-haired mute Tuxedo Cat.

Fun fact: during the very first Puss The Boot first appearance, Tom went by the name Jasper. Then, he was given named Tom and Thomas.

Based on the ” tomcat” His name is a reference to male cats all over the globe. He seldom speaks, with the exception of a handful of cartoons.

His appearance, like Jerry’s, Jerry changes and constantly alters.

Homer Simpson

Homer is among the most loved characters and one of the most memorable characters ever. Homer is among the principal characters in The Simpsons, an American animation sitcom The Simpsons.

Homer made his debut on TV together with the rest the family April 19th 1987Matt Groening created Homer while at waiting in the waiting room at James L. Brooks’ office. Groening approached Brooks to pitch an upcoming series of shorts inspired by the cartoon strip Life in Hell. Instead, Groening came up with the new group of protagonists. The character was called them Homer. Homer in honor of his dad, Homer Groening.

For the initial three episodesThe Simpsons were as a guest on the Tracey Ullman Show. Then , they were given their own show on Fox and premiered on 17 December 1989.

Homer as well as his partner Marge and his wife Marge have three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Homer works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as a safety officer. Homer is the embodiment of several American workers’ stereotypes.

In the present, Homer remains one of the most popular characters to ever grace the screen of television.

Peter Griffin

In terms about typical American males Peter Griffin is another name that pops into the mind. Peter Griffin is an edgier and more contemporary rendition of Homer. The fictional character is the the main character of Family GuySeth MacFarlane voices Peter.

Peter was first seen on television along with his entire family in an short pilot of 15 minutes on the 20th of December in 1998. The actor and spouse Lois Griffin have three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. They also have a god who goes by the name that is named Brian. Peter and Brian are the best of friends.

Like Homer Simpson, Peter also is employed at the factory and toy manufacturer as well as in Quahog’s Brewery. Peter is portrayed as an typical blue-collar worker frequently drinking with his friends and neighbors. He also has a complicated relationship with his three kids.

Bart Simpson

Bart and Homer both have a hand in. There is no way to determine who is more popular or has more fame and popularity. Bart skateboards and is a prankster in school and often is in trouble. Nancy Cartwright is his voice.

When he made his debut, Bart was 10 years old. He was the oldest child and the sole one of the children to Homer as well as Marge. He shows an unruly character and disdain for the authority of his parents.

His most famous line can be described as “eat my shorts” often, and he will make joke calls for Moe. The first two seasons Bart played the role of the protagonist in the series. The fame of Bart led to ” Bartmania” which resulted with millions of sales of merchandise all over the world. However, by in the 3rd season of the series, it had decided to concentrate more on the whole family.

Time Magazine listed him as among the 100 most important individuals in the 20th century.

Eric Cartman

A lot of fans from all over the world use only the name. Many don’t know his birth name. The antagonist in South Park first appeared in an early version in the animation short Jesus vs. Frosty. The first South Park episode debuted in August 1997. Cartman Receives Anal Probe. Anal Probe.

He spends the majority of his time with his three best friends, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski along with Stan Marsh. Cartman is in the middle school as well as living at home with his mom. Characterized as a shrewd, prejudiced and arrogant The character displays a highly manipulative and sociopathic behavior in later seasons.

He is also among his more controversial and controversial characters. The show has received both praise as well as criticismfor his political stances.

Donald Duck

Donald is an animated character from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is an an anthropomorphic white duck, with a the appearance of a orange-yellow bill as well as feet, legs and legs.

He wears a sailor’s shirt and a cap with bow tie. The actor is known for his awkward syllable and his temperamental personality Donald also has an honorary spot in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He has been in more films that any else Disney persona.


The main character and the protagonist from the animated television show with the same name. SpongeBob does not follow any rules of logic. It is marine sponge employed as an underwater fry chef at Krusty Krab, a fast food restaurant that is located underwater.

The character is one of the most loved among youngsters and adults, as well. The character has come under certain criticism for being accused of propagating homophobia. But the creators of the show have denied these claims, describing the character as sexually asexual.