Trekking on Mount Batur with Affordable Packages

batur trekking tour

The most remarkable experience right now is watching the sunrise atop Mount Batur. Of course, when on the island of Bali, you shouldn’t pass up the chances that are there. It would be enjoyable to check out

Not just the crimson light is ready to torture the eyes as dawn breaks. But you can also take in the stunning view of Lake Batur and Mount Agung from a height of 1717 meters above sea level.
In addition, you may still detect the thrill of cooking eggs in the ground where geothermal sources are producing smoke. You have undoubtedly never had this experience before.

You can feel very different from how you did while traveling in such an environment. One of the most significant reasons to climb Mount Batur is that it is thought that the locals can help you start a new, better life by purifying your soul.

Bali is indeed undeveloped and can only provide the allure of stunning white sand beaches. but also able to show a broad panorama of the stunning mountains. As a result, you should be able to go hiking on Mount Batur.

Not merely able to breathe fresh air or cause an adrenaline rush. However, Mount Batur trekking can inspire admiration for both the natural world and Balinese culture.
Learn the cost of the Mount Batur trekking packages.

Of course, you’re now also interested in learning how much Mount Batur trekking programs cost. You should not worry because everyone can afford the fee. Consider the following description if you’re curious:

Costs for two passengers are IDR 487,000; for three, IDR 345,000; for four, IDR 270,000; and for five, IDR 230,000, all-inclusive.
• Private air-conditioned pick-up and drop-off Transportation.
• Drivers with humility and experience.
• Local trekking guides who speak English or Indonesian.
• A flashlight for hiking gear.
• Boiled bananas, toast, and eggs.

Perhaps hearing the term “mountain trekking” makes some people inquisitive about what it’s like to hike up Mount Batur. It turns out that a lot of beauty is displayed and can be felt later. Don’t let this special moment pass you by.

What to bring: Warm clothing and jackets.
• Hiking boots for Mount Batur.
• Socks and T-shirts.
• Having the required snacks available in a backpack.
• The camera
• Cash.

It turns out to be quite interesting for us to pay attention to the program. From here, we may actually take part in the thrilling and enjoyable Mount Batur trek. If this interests you, read on for more information:
Pickup at the hotel at 2:00.
Arrive at the starting location for the Mount Batur trip at 03.50.
04:00 – Begin Mount Batur’s ascent with a trekking guide.
Arrive at the summit at six in the morning, and then take in the sunrise while eating breakfast.
Return to the climb’s summit at 7.00 with the help of a trekking guide.
09:00 – Reach the summit of Mount Batur and make your way back to the accommodation.
12.00 – Getting to the hotel brings back wonderful trekking memories.

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by this Mount Batur trekking adventure? There are undoubtedly a lot of people who are interested in the thrill of ascending the mountain. Therefore, don’t pass up the chance to climb mountains while you’re in Bali.

For those of you who have never gone climbing or who are apprehensive about their ability to go trekking alone. The best course of action is to simply hire a Mount Batur climbing guide. Apparently, there are now a variety of Mount Batur trekking tour packages to choose from. You might receive delivery in addition to trekking assistance. Therefore, don’t wait any longer to experience the thrill of climbing Mount Batur.