You Are An Internet User… But Many People Are Not

Many businesses are advertising through search engines. It is a lucrative business when you are aware of the right way to go about it. We promote on search engines. If you’re looking at this article on the internet there is a good possibility that you are using web-based search engines on a regular basis to locate the things you require – isn’t everyone? The text of this piece that the response can be “no”. There’s still a large section of people who isn’t even internet users or even proficient in surfing the web to find the information they require.

Take a moment to think about these numbers for a second:

US – Population: 299,093,237
US internet users at January 06 the number was 535,326,680

This means that 68.6 percent of people utilize the internet.

(Information from Nielsen/NetRatings, published on

You Are An Internet User… But Many People Are Not

According to this data, there are 94 million Americans (or 31.4 percent (or 31.4%) that are not internet users. Of course, some of them are likely either be too young, or old, but if you remove the 46 million Americans that are above 75 or under age 10, there are 48 million Americans (or 16 percent of the population, according to data from the 2000 US Census) in key-buying population segments that don’t depend on the internet to conduct search for services and products. Are they “internet users” by the Nielsen statistics who use only email on occasion?

So if you’re selling on the web, you’re probably exclusions of as much as 40% of your potential customer base from the beginning!

Search Engine advertising can be beneficial because it can help people searching for your product or service to locate your company. However, what happens to those who haven’t had the idea of using your service independently. We have, for instance, an extensive advertising for search engines program However, we also have over 1 million addresses that we’ve purchased and send frequently mail to. A majority of the clients we receive from our postcards aren’t customers of postcards already. The majority of them are owners of businesses seeking to grow, and we teach them through our mailings on how to accomplish this using postcards.

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If we were to only advertise via the internet, we’d only be able to get customers already seeking our services. The truth is that the majority of our clients haven’t looked up the word “postcard” because they hadn’t thought of sending mailing direct until our company introduced them the concept.

Perhaps you’re in a business-to-consumer industry, and the same rules apply. A few people enter “duct cleaning service, Tampa” into the search engine, however most people don’t even think about duct cleaning by themselves. For those who are searching for something to gift his spouse, they could discover you via Google however, with postcards, you can create orders from men who aren’t smart enough to think of the concept by themselves.

While online advertising is beneficial to your overall marketing strategy If you’re just making use of the internet, you are not reaching your potential customers and increasing your sales. Expand your marketing strategy by using direct mail, and you will be able to have healthier sales figures at the end this year.