You Had Me At EVDO

I’ve had too lots of fun, so now is the perfect time to be a bit more technical. The funny thing is that most of the comments today concern technology that are intended to let people enjoy a lot using their phones and spend a lot of productive time watching movies or TV on their phones. It’s a complete circle. Cell phones were originally designed to help people be more productive, but now they allow users to do their work at any time, anyplace. This is the way forward!

What Is EVDO?

EVDO is abbreviation to mean “Evolution, Data Only” however it is sometimes called “Evolution, Data Optimized”. EVDO is an extremely adaptable wireless broadband standard which was introduced to enhance the performance of the 3rd generation of 3G wireless Internet access.

Wireless broadband comes with evident advantages over traditional broadband connections via hard wire and one benefit is the flexibility of broadband devices. Through wireless Internet connections, it is feasible to access the Internet with not just notepads, but also cell phones as well as other mobile devices.

The Advantages Of EVDO.

Although the mobile Internet access has improved but the current standards have some limitations. It is not able to handle large amounts of data, and therefore only tiny quantities of data can be sent to users at the end of the line without decrease in performance or quality. EVDO is distinctive in its approach to combat this. Mathematical formulas that are complex are employed to identify a unique signature for each mobile device. After the device has sent the signal to request data transmission the signature is then applied to the signal, and an modified message is sent. The receiver then uses the reverse calculation to transform the signal back. EVDO also breaks down data into smaller pieces of information and then sends the packages in separate packets. In essence , this means that the bandwidth consumption of a single device is reduced significantly, allowing others to have high-speed Internet access via every mobile phone. This also means that the total amount of information needed to be transmitted. With EVDO not being used mobile devices are unable to reach the amount of bandwidth they require to be able to easily log into websites, particularly if the websites are laden with a lot of data that needs to be sent. With EVDO this is essentially obsolete and millions of users on their phones are able to access the same websites simultaneously without any effects.

EVDO Performance.

EVDO could possibly provide 2.4-megabit throughput. It’s as fast as the majority of American DSL broadband connections found in homes of people. Of course, since EVDO is portable and wireless, no matter which location you’re in it is possible to access the Internet via your mobile phone, notepad, or any other device with no worry about poor quality.

The Existing Technology.

EVDO was introduced to compete with the existing wireless Internet technology, which is called W-CDMA. W-CDMA, however, requires a constant connection between transmitter and receiver inefficiently using large quantities of bandwidth. EVDO doesn’t require this since it makes packages and transmits information in smaller pieces. One of the main benefits of making EVDO however is that it utilizes exactly the same frequency as other methods, so there would not be any structural changes needed for the establishment of a network that is usable.

EVDO Service Providers In America.

Korea as well as America are the leaders in the introduction of EVDO for personal use. various providers in the US are operating a range of pricing plans and limit plans in order to enable users to have access to an efficient Internet connection from their mobile phone. Amp’d is among the latest plans that are launching and at 15 dollars per month, for an all-inclusive EVDO service, they are expected to be the leader with regards to pricing. Amp’d offers an array of MTV available channels and other media to download in the event that this is the plan you select and there’s sure to be something that will suit everyone’s preferences. Verizon as well as Sprint also offer EVDO compatible phones that are worth a look if want something other than the “extreme” television channels Ampd Mobile offers.

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